An initiative for a more democratic Europe: sign the petition in Italy!

EFA member parties are among the promoters of the initiative “Io voglio scegliere” in Italy proposing a referendum to overturn some of the undemocratic Italian electoral rules

The EU faces a serious democratic crisis. Unfair electoral rules affecting many member states are one of its most visible signs. The case of the Italian Republic, where the electoral rules were changed just a few weeks before the European elections to cap the possibilities of many lists to be elected, is a good example. EFA and its member parties work relentlessly to make a more democratic Europe for all. This is why, together with our member parties in Italy, we are promoting the initiative proposing a referendum to overturn some of the most undemocratic Italian electoral rules.

The initiative “Io voglio scegliere” (“I want to choose”), promoted by the Referendum Committee for Representation, which includes EFA’s parties in Autonomia e Ambiente, aims to reach 500,000 signatures before 15 September to propose a referendum against the current electoral rules. It aims to eliminate undemocratic barriers that affect regional, new, or smaller political projects from winning representation, such as the “joint” vote or the electoral thresholds. Italian citizens willing to sign this petition can do so by clicking on the following link:

A problem that leads to abstention

Undemocratic electoral systems in EU member states affect the credibility of EU democracy. Many people end up without representation, which also leads to a rise in abstention. “Fewer and fewer citizens are voting”, says Autonomia e Ambiente Vice-President Mauro Vaiani, concerned about the situation. “We will not achieve any political change if we do not restore the democratic rules for participation. This is why we are looking for 500,000 fellow citizens of every cultural background and political affiliation, who understand the seriousness of the present representation deficit and are willing to join us in our struggle to repair Italian democracy”, adds Vaiani.