EFA staff visits the Germany-Denmark border to prepare its 2020 General Assembly

EFA staff has travelled to the city of Flensburg (Südschleswig, Germany) to meet a delegation of Südschleswigsche Wählerverband party (SSW), representing the Danish minority in Germany, and Schleswigsche Partei (SP), representing the German minority in Denmark. With this meeting, EFA aimed to start the preparation of its General Assembly in 2020, that will be hosted by both SSW and SP.

In Flensburg, EFA enjoyed a working lunch in SSW headquarters and visited “Der Nordschleswiger”, the journal of the German minority in Denmark. EFA could also attend the SP Congress, held in Aabenraa, in which EFA Director Günther Dauwen could address some words to the audience.

During the Congress, the attendees had also the opportunity to debate with Danish Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby about the difficulties of the population in Nordschleswig to access healthcare services and the necessity to overcome the lack of Interreg funds for the region.

Together with EFAy Vice-president, Adrián Fuentes, EFA visited the facilities of the venue and accommodation for the 2020 EFA General Assembly and started the discussions of its content and practicalities with SSW and SP.