EFA President supports revival of the Moravian Land Parliament

EFA President, Lorena López de Lacalle, has visited the city of Brno in Moravia (Czech Republic) to meet with representatives of EFA member party Moravské zemské hnutí and join a public demonstration for the revival of the historical Moravian Land Parliament (Moravský zemský sněm).

During her visit she delivered a speech on EFA’s vision for Europe and wished good luck to the candidates of Moravské zemské hnutí for the upcoming European Parliament elections:

“As EFA President I represent 46 European political parties keen on self governance, autonomy and the right of all Peoples to decide on their present and their future. 46 pro-European political parties because Europe is our home, the home of all Peoples, all languages, all cultures. Respect of diversity is a key element, often forgotten by the governments of the 28 EU member states.

But Europe and the EU is much more than the Europe of the States, it is also the Europe of All Peoples, ours too. The Moravians, Scots, Corsicans, Catalans, Basques, Silesians, Bavarians, Tirolians, Macedonians and all the displaced minorities in central Europe.

And when we fight for the respect of our diversity, we fight also for our rights to a better environement, our right to a better  share of water ressources, for a proper water management.

Because as the UN General Assembly proclaimed in 2010, the right to Water and Sanitation is a Human Right. Everyone should be entitled to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water. Water and self-determination are certainly connected.

I know that you will be participating in the next European elections. We wish you all the best and you have all our support. I salute your candidate, Vladan Sevcik.  Campaigning for the EU is a unique opportunity to rise awareness about the Europe that we want to build.

Europe is at a crossroad. We want and we will fight for solidarity, social justice, fair redistribution of wealth, the protection of our environment, the ecological transition, and we will put women and the youth at the forefront”.