MEP Christian Allard defends Scotland’s attachment to Europe

EFA Member of the European Parliament Christian Allard, from the Scottish National Party (SNP), was born in Dijon (France) and has lived in Scotland for over thirty years where he has worked extensively in the fishing and seafood industries.

He became a Member of the Scottish Parliament in 2013 and is passionate about Scotland’s future in Europe.

Christian Allard used his maiden speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to underline Scotland’s opposition to Brexit and commitment to a shared future in Europe.

Speaking in French in the European Parliament, Allard said:

“I am a French citizen representing Scotland in Europe. I was a member of the Scottish Parliament, I am now here as a result of Brexit and to show you our attachment to Europe.

Twenty years ago I voted for the Scottish Parliament to be reconvened after a 300 year break. A parliament that has been able to sit thanks to the European Union.

You helped us, you did not forget us. And in 2016, 62% of the Scottish electorate voted to stay in Europe. Now 62% is a signal that we are one of Europe most European countries.

And I think that is down to the fact that in Scotland we are used to have multiple identities. I am 100% Scottish, I am 100% French and 100% European.

Our idea of Europe is one we share with you, we want freedom of movement for people and goods and we have common values. We are prepared to defend Europe.

Help us to stay at the heart of Europe, help us so that we can better help you.”

This news item was originally published on the website of the EFA Group in the European Parliament. Watch the whole speech here.

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