EFA representatives attend conference in Vojvodina to highlight key role of regions within Serbia’s EU path

Today representatives from EFA are in Novi Sad attending the ‘The Role of Regions in European Integration’ Conference. The aim is to discuss the role and responsibility of the Republic of Serbia on its EU’s integration process in regards to decentralisation and cohesion policy, with special focus on its position towards the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

LSV President Nenad Čanak referred to Vojvodina as an example of a democratic approach towards self-determination in contrast with the position adopted by the Spanish State where “there are people in prison simply because they did what voters mandated them to do democratically.”

EFA General Secretary Jordi Solé has also stressed the example of Vojvodina and the link between democracy and self-determination as part of the construction of a new EU identity:

“I am convinced that the EU needs more Vojvodinas. For us in Catalonia, being a democratic movement and being a European movement is the same thing.”

Basque MP Leire Pinedo also gave an overview of the historical background and current state of play of the Basque economic agreement (Kontzertu ekonomikoa) and its specifities in relation to the Spanish central state.

Open debates will be taking place between representatives from regional and social democratic political parties and non-governmental organisations to promote regionalisation as the main approach towards the future changes of the National Constitution. Conclusions will be used as amendments for LSV Regional and National representatives.

See the video summarising the conference (In Serbian language)