EFA strongly condemns threats and intimidation against its member party LSV

The European Free Alliance has been alerted that a number of threats and attacks have been carried out against members of the Liga Socijaldemokrata Vojvodine (LSV) over recent months. 

Earlier this year, a member of the board of the LSV was stopped by an unmarked black car and ‘arrested’ by unknown assailants, and was physically attacked and threatened with further violence. 

During the election period, the LSV headquarters was invaded by a group of unknown assailants wearing balaclavas, who smashed up the building and threatened LSV activists who were inside at the time. Tables were turned over, and computers and phones were thrown at activists.

Other incidents have occurred, and local police have been notified, but no details regarding their investigations have yet been released. 

EFA President Lorena López de Lacalle said: 

“These types of threats and actions have no place in a democracy. 

We have seen similar cases amongst our members across Europe. Attempting to silence our voices only makes us stronger. 

These grossly unacceptable actions only serve to highlight the urgent need for autonomy for Vojvodina.”

Vice-President of the EFA Bureau, Nelida Pogačić of Lista za Rijeku said:

“We are following with great concern the situation in Vojvodina, where we have been witnessing attacks on members and property of LSV, a pro-European party that promotes inclusive policies and nurtures diversity as its core values. The EU should not turn a blind eye to Serbia’s breaches of the upholding the rule of law and duty to protects its citizens”

EFA stands in solidarity with the LSV, and strongly condemns threats and intimidation against its member party.