Yvan Colonna’s death proves the need for the repatriation for Corsican political prisoners

The European Free Alliance stands by the Corsican people, especially Colonna’s family and loved ones, and demands “Ghjustizia per Yvan”

The recent death of Yvan Colonna has proved again the necessity that Corsican political prisoners are returned to the island. The right of the political prisoners to serve out their sentence in Corsica enjoys a high level of consensus throughout the Corsican society, and has been publicly demanded by the Corsican Assembly and, more recently, by deputies of all the political groups represented in the National Assembly. Notwithstanding this fact, the French government has refused to fulfil this right, disregarding justice and French and European law. EFA believes that the tragedy of what happened to Colonna would not have happened, had the right to repatriation been properly applied. Therefore, we request the French government to return the political prisoners Pierre Alessandri and Alain Ferrandi back to Corsica.

For this reason, the European Free Alliance stands by the Corsican people at this difficult time, and especially by Colonna’s family and loved ones. At the same time, EFA and its member parties Femu a Corsica and PNC express their concerns about the fact that such an event took place even though Colonna was under particularly strict surveillance. The European Free Alliance requests the French state to reflect on and repair this failure to protect Corsican political prisoners imprisoned under its penitential administration.