Conference in Klagenfurt: cooperation between EFA parties in Central Europe

The participant parties condemn the aggression against Ukraine and call on Putin to stop the war immediately

EFA parties from Central Europe have met this weekend in Klagenfurt to intensify cooperation between different minorities and ethnic groups. In Europe, there are more minority regions than nation-states. This diversity improves the cultural wealth of Europe. However, in times of crisis, these minorities are always the first victims. The coronavirus crisis made it clear that Europe is still thinking in national terms. Once again, no consideration was given to the special needs of the cross-border realities of the ethnic groups in minority areas. It is therefore important that minority groups work together to make themselves visible and heard.

The war in Ukraine makes it clear how important people’s right to self-determination is to resolve conflicts peacefully. EFA parties that met in Klagenfurt condemned the war in Ukraine and underlined the right of every people to decide for themselves where they belonged. In this context, the consequences for the ethnic minorities in the war zone are being observed with great concern. It is important to ensure that their rights are protected and that the armed conflicts are not misused as a justification and opportunity for expulsions, as has unfortunately happened so often in history.

Finally, the meeting also focused on the right of the minorities to teach their mother tongue. The participant parties agreed that the mother-tongue instruction is a matter of survival for every minority. Therefore, this basic pillar needs to be expanded and protected.