EFA and Patto Autonomie e Ambiente will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Charter of Chivasso

The Charter of Chivasso, published in 1943, is the fundamental document for historical autonomism in the Italian Republic

The President of the European Free Alliance Lorena López de Lacalle will visit Chivasso, in Piemonte, next Saturday. Together with Patto Autonomie e Ambiente, she will celebrate the 80 anniversary of the publication of the Charter of Chivasso, the fundamental document for historical autonomy in the Italian Republic. The celebration event will take place in Chivasso and will start at 10h with a homage in front of Palazzo Tesio. This is the place where the Charter was written, led by antifascist activist Émile Chanoux. At 11h, a political meeting will start in all’Hotel La Noce (Piazza Garibaldi, 10). EFA President Lorena López de Lacalle, and Patto Autonomia e Ambiente Roberto Visentin will present the initiative EFA-AeA for the EU elections 2024, a platform for autonomy in Italy and Europe, for solidarity and peace.

The “Declaration of the representatives of the Alpine populations” was drawn up on 19 December 1943 in Piemonte, during a clandestine conference organized by the representatives of the Antifascist Resistance of Alpine valleys. The small town of Chevisso was chosen because it was halfway between those who came from the Waldensian Valleys and the Aosta Valley, and those from Turin and Milan. One of the main protagonists of the meeting was the activist Émile Chanoux from the Aosta Valley, who died a few months later in a fascist prison. “The Charter set the grounds for the transformation of Italy into a federal and republican political system on a regional and cantonal basis”, explains Autonomia e Ambiente Secretary of Interterritoriality Mauro Vaiani.  It is an old document, but it is still really important nowadays. “Its words are incredibly alive”, adds Vaiani.

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