Mindretalspolitik fra Sydslesvig til Europa Status quo og udvikling ( Minority policy from South Schleswig to Europe Status quo and development)

Following the European elections last year, there is now movement in the Minority SafePack initiative and the proposals are being discussed. But what exactly is happening now?
What does Brexit mean for European minorities and the European Free European Alliance (EFA) party that brings together minorities from all over Europe? Where are the current challenges for the other minorities?

These and other questions will be discussed and answered in this event together with the following speakers:

Anke Spoorendonk, Vice President of European FreeAlliance (EFA) and former Europe, Minister of Justice and Culture of SSWi Schleswig-Holstein
MaylisRossberg, board member of EFAY European Youth Party – European FreeAllianceYouth
RasmusAndresen, Member of the European Parliament for the Greens