2. A Europe of all peoples.

A Europe of all peoples is a Europe that makes no distinction between peoples, without creating categories or second-class citizens. The EFA wants another Europe, a different Europe, which recognises the universality of all people as well as their distinct identities.

Since it was founded in 1981, the European Free Alliance has always believed that the European project must be based on the well-being and diversity of its peoples. The European Union can no longer satisfy itself with just being a union of nation-states that promote their own interests. The EFA has a broader, more inclusive vision of Europe that recognises and fosters its diversity.

By being profoundly pro-European, we support a Europe for everyone. For the EFA it is fundamental that Europe accepts and includes all peoples in the decision-making process, so as to build a democratic Europe of peace, respect and solidarity.

The EFA would like to build a resolutely social Europe, a welcoming Europe, a Europe that is prosperous for every one of its citizen and that respects its own plurality. Euroscepticism and/or anti-EU populism do not bring solutions. Europe must invest more in its communities by empowering the social fabric and building ties between people. An inclusive approach that welcomes new citizens is essential to strengthening our sense of identity and community.

To reinforce the role of ALL peoples, sub-state nations and/or regions with legislative powers must play a role in European decision-making. They should be given a strengthened presence in an “Assembly of Regions and Peoples,” replacing the toothless Committee of the Regions. This would ensure that ALL groups have direct participation, with voice and vote, in the decisions affecting them.

The EFA defends a Europe in which the European Parliament has the clear and logical right to initiate new legislation, and where the legislative process in the Council is transparent. The president of the European Commission should be elected democratically.

It is TIME for the European Union to work for all peoples in Europe.