European elections:

The European Free Alliance has launched a new campaign website for the May 2019 European elections. 12 EFA member parties from all corners of Europe are campaigning to build a Europe of ALL peoples

EFA’s roadmap for the upcoming European Parliament elections rely on the idea of building a Europe of ALL peoples, which EFA has summarised in the 2019 Manifesto, a document which lays the policy foundations of the party.

We are the only progressive pro-European political party that, since the first directly elected European Parliament in 1979, has most consistently promoted the right to self-determination as essential to Europe’s future.

Our Members of the European Parliament have defended all the peoples, nations, and minorities that the Europe of States overlooks. At a time when these questions are intensely relevant the recognition and support of a Europe of all peoples is needed. Restoring public confidence in the EU and promoting a new 21st century democracy that makes the European project a success for everyone are EFA’s goals for the upcoming elections.

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