EFA MEP Ana Miranda calls EU attention to the environmental catastrophe on the Galician coast

The BNG MEP spoke in a press conference about maritime security after 26 tons of plastic pellets spilled in the sea arrived at the coast

Galicia’s coast has recently been flooded by a tide of plastic pellets after 26 tones of microplastics were spilled into the sea. It is an environmental catastrophe that will have terrible consequences for maritime and human life in the region. EFA MEP Ana Miranda brought the issue to the attention of the EU, faced with the inaction of the Galician government (Xunta), who are minimizing the problem and closing their eyes to the consequences.

A fast and effective reaction would be key to minimizing the environmental consequences of this tragedy. Nevertheless, the Galician Xunta, led by the Popular Party, has chosen to stay silent and hide the problem. This episode brings memories of the Prestige accident in 2002 and the Galician administration’s poor management of the spill of 65.000 tons of fuel on the Galician coast.

EFA MEP raises the issue in Europe

To bring the issue to the EU institutions, call for a reaction, and prevent future cases, EFA MEP from Galicia (BNG) Ana Miranda held a press conference this Tuesday. Ana Miranda MEP warned about the consequences that microplastics can have for the natural environment, maritime life, fisheries, and the environmental preservation of the coastline. She also called for an urgent meeting with the EU Commissioners of Transportation, Fisheries and Environment. Finally, she urged the Commission to call on the Xunta to apply an antipollution plan.

EFA MEPs such as the President of EFA Group in the European Parliament Jordi Solé, Diana Riba, François Alfonsi and Lydie Massard also attended the press conference and stood next to Ana Miranda MEP in solidarity with the Galician people.