EFA calls for a permanent ceasefire and the end of hostilities in Gaza

Israeli Palestinian War, day 75.

On 7 October Hamas killed about 1,200 people – mostly civilians – and took more than 200 people hostage.

The Israeli armed forces, under Netanyahu’s Government, attacked Gaza as a result of it. Another 1.200 Israelis have been killed.

Since then, Palestinian death toll in Gaza nears 20.000, mostly children and women; 52.000 have been injured and nearly 2 million Palestinians have been displaced. The west bank Palestinians are also facing unprecedented violence.

The EFA immediately and firmly condemned Hamas brutal attack against Israel. EFA stands for peace and cooperation with all peoples. Furthermore, EFA condemns the utter despise of international law and human rights even in wartime.

EFA nonetheless takes stock of the presently humanitarian catastrophe inside Gaza and calls for the suspension of hostilities to allow for greater flows of humanitarian aid under UN and EU monitoring and to enable the release of the remaining 129 hostages in Gaza.

This second ceasefire should pave way to peace talks and the end of war under the auspices of the international community to establish a final settlement agreed by both parties, Israel and Palestine.

As clearly stated in the Statutes of the European Free Alliance:

The European Free Alliance (EFA) promotes the right to democratic self-determination and supports the peoples’ aspirations to choose their own political future, including independence, greater autonomy or linguistic and cultural recognition for minorities. EFA believes in justice and equality for all people. On behalf of the European Free Alliance (EFA) Bureau