Defending a union of peoples: renewed cooperation between EFA party and EFA members in the European Parliament

The European Free Alliance party and the group in the European Parliament will strengthen their cooperation in the coming five years in order to join efforts in the defense of a union of peoples based on the respect for democracy and diversity, which includes cultural, linguistic and minorities rights.

EFA party President, Lorena López de Lacalle, and the newly-elected President of the EFA group in the European Parliament, Alyn Smith, have called on the importance of a renewed cooperation between EFA party and the parliamentary group to ensure all stateless nations, regions and minorities are duly represented at the different levels.

During a meeting with the Bureau members of the EFA party on 26 June, Lorena López de Lacalle said:

“The European institutions are in need of comprehensive reform so that all the peoples of Europe can participate in the decisions that concern them. EFA is the party and political grouping that, since the first directly elected European Parliament, has most consistently promoted this message as essential to Europe’s future. I am glad that EFA members of the European Parliament have defended and will keep defending all the peoples, nations and minorities that the Europe of States overlooks”.

Alyn Smith said: “I am very much looking forward to work with the EFA party. We are Europe’s diversity represented, and I think the biggest philosophical split we are going to face in the next few years is whether the EU is a union of peoples or whether it is a club of states. We know the states will litigate against certain rights (being it the recognition of cultural and linguistic rights, the right to self-determination or others), because that is what the member states’ capitals have always done”.

“Within the European Parliament we are seeing the difference that the Greens/EFA group can make within the political spectrum. We share a strong commitment to the values of the environmental protection, sustainability, respect for fundamental rights and self-determination, democracy and solidarity. So we will work as a pro-European group to make the EU more social, greener and democratic”.

The chairman of the European Alliance Group in the Committee of the Regions, Karl Vanlouwe, also called for a strong cooperation between EFA party and this entity formed by regionalists, nationalists and autonomists parties from all over Europe:

“We want to join forces with the EFA party and parliamentary group on shared priorities, this should be our aim for the next mandate. We share the same idea of Europe and we want to ensure decisions are taken at the closest level possible to citizens, and that the role and remits of local governments is truly respected, that is also what we want for the different regions that want more autonomy”.