EFA President: “Women will play a key role in achieving a fairer and more sustainable Europe”

The President of the European Free Alliance, Lorena López de Lacalle, participated on 5 July in an event organized in Rome by the women’s movement ‘Stati Generali delle Donne’, with presence in the different regions of Italy and advocating for a gender inclusive and sustainable Europe. “Women will play a key role in achieving a fairer and more sustainable Europe”, López de Lacalle said.

The event took place in the European Parliament Liaison Office in Rome and was attended by the national coordinator of ‘Stati Generalli delle Donne’, Isa Maggi, who was also candidate of the ‘Autonomie per l’Europa’ coalition for the European elections 2019. EFA member party ALPE, an autonomist party from Val d’Aosta, took part in the electoral coalition.

Speaking in the European Parliament’s ‘Spazio Europa’ in Rome, López de Lacalle said:

“In these turbulent times, our societies need engaged people like you, because us women have already accomplished and will accomplish further great achievements.

I represent as EFA President the European Free Alliance, a European political party with 46 member parties from 19 European States. EFA currently has 12 members of the European Parliament, representing Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, Wales, Corsica, Galiza, Latvia and the Basque Country, where I come from.

We represent linguistic and cultural diversity, and we claim respect for all forms of diversity in Europe. We want to build our societies by listening to our citizens, meaning all the people living in our territories.

That is why we defend autonomy in the decision making, autonomy to decide on our present and our future. Further political autonomy on the basis of social justice.

I am sure that we will find the way to cooperate on specific projects that will allow to advance on the construction of a fairer and more sustainable society.”