EFA denounces abuse of power of Serbian police over Vojvodina Front campaign

On July 26, an officer from the Serbian Police Department requested the removal of some posters of Vojvodina Front in Žabalj, that were glued by some adherents to this front. The agent ordered the removal without prior representation, thus violating freedom of expression and committing an abuse of power.

For this reason, the European Free Alliance wants to condemn the facts and denounces hostility and intimidation towards peaceful adherents to the Vojvodina Front.  

EFA’s member party Liga Socijaldemokrata Vojvodine (LSV) has also shown their complaint about this fact. “Police officers should act as representatives of the law enforcement and protect taxpayers who pay for their salaries”. Instead, the situation lived is clearly a misbehaviour taking into account the officer’s functions. “The police officer was not legitimized to act in this belligerent and shameful way. There are not even legal bases to take this kind of action”, an LSV party representative said.

Representatives of the Vojvodina front have insisted to clarify whether the agent worked on his own or had an order from the Ministry to not allow the posters to be seen in Vojvodina.

Not only referring to Vojvodina in Serbia should not be disturbing, but also citizens’ rights to freely express their ideas and to peacefully claim autonomy in Vojvodina should be protected.