Valencian National Day: Bloc calls for a green transition towards a socially cohesive country

On the Valencian National Day, leaders and other representatives of EFA’s member parties such as Bloc Nacionalista Valencià have joined the traditional procession in Valencia, as well as a number of events organised by the government.

The European Free Alliance will keep on supporting Bloc Nacionalista Valencià in their aim to build a modern, cohesive and fair society, putting the focus on the welfare of all citizens as well as on economic and environmental sustainability, and taking an active role in the fight against climate change.

As a European political party, EFA has been urging EU institutions to acknowledge and promote good practices in the field of local and regional self-government. The Valencian case proves that subsidiarity is key to a success when tackling European and global issues.

Compromís, the political platform which includes Bloc and takes part in the Valencian government, “is the guarantee to undertake courageous political action to stop climate emergency”, Bloc national spokeswoman, Àgueda Micó, said.

“This is a day to celebrate that we want to live together as a people, but it is also a day to say that the country that we aim to build is a green and socially cohesive one. The Spanish government and the European Union should learn from the management model of natural resources that we are implementing in our territory”, Compromís speaker in the Valencian Parliament, Fran Ferri, said.