EFA supports FNP on quality multilingual education in Friesland

The European Free Alliance supports the stance of its member party Fryske Nasjonale Partij (FNP) on quality multilingual education in the province of Friesland, in the Netherlands, as well as the promotion of linguistic diversity as an important value in the European context.

Frisian is, together with Dutch, the official language of the province and is currently spoken on an everyday basis by almost 70% of the population. The Frisian government, formed by a coalition of parties including FNP, has been promoting multilingualism at all levels, from administration to education.

With the aim of fostering linguistic diversity and social cohesion, some primary and secondary schools in Friesland have implemented an innovative and successful multilingual system which includes teaching in Frisian, Dutch and English, as well as some daily activities in the native languages of pupils with migrant origins.

The issue of diversity in Frisian education was tackled by the Professor of Multilingualism at NHL Stenden University of Applied sciences Leeuwarden, dr. J. da Silveira Duarte, during the ‘Fryslân Dei’ (Friesland Day) in Brussels, organized on 9 october by the province of Friesland.

EFA President, Lorena López de Lacalle, took part in the event, focused on the value of lesser spoken language in the European context, and met with different FNP representatives, such as regional minister Johannes Kramer, member of the Friesland parliament Corlienke de Jong, and EFA Vice-President Olrik Bouma, who is also a member of FNP.

You can check the program of the event here.