EU should impose sanctions on Turkey over Syria military intervention

Press Release from EFA Member of the European Parliament François Alfonsi 

EFA MEP François Alfonsi has called on the EU to impose sanctions against the Turkish regime in response to their aggression against the Kurdish people in Rojava, northern Syria.

Turkey launched a unilateral military intervention and invasion of Kurdish controlled areas. This has caused significant humanitarian suffering and undermines regional security.

MEPs meeting in Strasbourg debated the latest developments on 23 October.

Speaking in the debate, Corsican MEP François Alfonsi said:

“The aggression of the Turkish army in Rojava, northern Syria poses significant challenges for Europe.

The first challenge is that of the stability of that part of the world.

The Kurds fought hard and with courage against Daesh, and yet Turkey is adopting a very ambiguous position. Fighting the Kurds is like fighting a bastion which is fighting terrorism.

Then there’s the question of women’s rights. Kurdistan is a new role model to the Muslim world, quite distinct to what exists in other Muslim countries. This is really important for the future of the world.

Then there’s the question of the security of Europe. In an increasingly dangerous world where we need our allies, how will Europe find allies of the future if it doesn’t protect its allies of today?

Europe can act firmly by taking the initiative and deciding on strong economic and diplomatic sanctions which should come into force immediately.

Trade relations between Turkey and Europe are very significant, even more significant than trade with the US. And therefore we must impose deterrents in the form of sanctions in response to the dictatorship of Mr Erdogan.”

MEPs are expected to back a resolution on 24 October criticising Turkey’s intervention and calling for a halt to military operations, whilst raising the possibility of EU sanctions against Turkey.

This press release was originally published on the website of the EFA Group in the European Parliament.