Romani language must be recognized and promoted at European level

The European Free Alliance fully supports the recognition of the Romani language at European and international level, as well as its promotion within the educational systems and usage in speech and writing.

On the International Romani Language Day, EFA calls on the EU institutions, EU member states as well as regional and local authorities to acknowledge the full diversity representing European languages and to encourage the implementation of specific policies for the protection and promotion of Romani language at all levels.

As a European political party that has the promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity as one of its mottos, EFA stands along with the Romani people in their fight against discrimination and for recognition of their linguistic rights.

Romani language is a fundamental element of a common cultural heritage among the diverse Roma communities in Europe. The recognition and further promotion of the Romani language -formed by 17 different dialects- is key to protect a unique heritage that is the repository of a vast amount of knowledge.

According to UNESCO, the World Day of Romani Language was proclaimed in 2015 to promote the preservation of Romani language and culture, improve the well-being of Romani people, and recognize the importance of all languages, whose diversity is a source of strength for all societies to share.