EFA calls for respect and recognition for Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

The European Free Alliance calls on the Bulgarian government as well as on local and regional authorities to ensure respect and recognition for the Macedonian minority in the country.  Alleged violations of fundamental rights and rising cases in the use of hate speech and intimidations against this community must be tackled.

EFA also reminds the European Commission of its duty to ensure the respect for minority rights in Bulgaria and elsewhere in the EU as it is the guarantor of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The EU institutions must undertake institutional and political action to stop hate speech and fundamental rights violations against the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, and to guarantee the restoration of rights to European citizens belonging to minorities.

As a European political party, EFA will keep demanding that EU institutions, Member States, and local and regional authorities to act responsibly and to ensure the protection of diversity and minorities.

OMO ‘Ilinden’ Pirin, a political party representing the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria and a member party of EFA, has condemned a recent campaign in the Bulgarian media claiming that  the Macedonian nation, language and culture “do not exist”, and that there is no such a minority in the country.

Also, OMO Pirin has denounced “the judicial and police persecution” against Macedonian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the protection of fundamental rights, as well as their members, so as to prevent them from carrying out their activities.

For EFA, discrimination and repression is never acceptable, and believes that Bulgarian authorities should recognise and protect minorities in the country.