Memorandum on the future of Vojvodina: EFA supports LSV

The European Free Alliance supports its member party Liga socijaldemokrata Vojvodine (LSV) on the adoption of the ‘Memorandum on the future of Vojvodina’, a document signed by representatives of the LSV and other parties on 26 November. The memorandum, which was announced in the town of Subotica, emphasizes a “democratic and pro-European commitment”.

EFA, as its member LSV, will keep on defending the recognition of Vojvodina and the promotion of the ideas of self-government, decentralisation and devolution of powers within Serbia as a way out of the current territorial, political and social issues in the country.

“Vojvodina is not a problem, it is the solution. A multinational, multicultural, prosperous and developed Vojvodina means a prosperous and multicultural Serbia. Every other option presents a burden on Serbia and a factor of its instability”, LSV leader, Nenad Canak, said.

LSV advocates for a greater level of autonomy for the province of Vojvodina within Serbia, and has recently pushed for the creation of the so-called Vojvodina Front, a cross-party political platform ahead of next year elections.

Together with LSV, the Vojvodina Party and the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina signed a cooperation agreement earlier this month. The agreement was signed on behalf of these parties by their presidents Nenad Canak, Aleksandar Odzic and Tomislav Zigmanov.

Images provided by LSV.