EFA calls for respect and recognition for the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

EFA calls on the Bulgarian government to ensure respect and recognition for the Macedonian minority in the country and to prevent any attempt of violation or restriction of the freedom of association, such as the announced deregistration of a minority human rights organisation.

Several days ago, the Bulgarian prosecution requested the Regional court of Blagoevgrad to suspend the registration of an organisation formed by ethnic Macedonians for the purposes of protecting the minority’s basic rights and freedoms. The organisation was registered by the Registration Agency, under the Ministry of Justice, earlier this year under the name ‘Civic association for protection of fundamental individual human rights.’

EFA Member Party Omo Iliden Pirin, which represents the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, raises the voice for the continuous alleged violations of fundamental rights and cases of hate speech and intimidations against the Macedonian community that must be tackled.

It is the duty of the European Commission to ensure the respect for minority rights in Bulgaria and elsewhere in the EU as it is the guarantor of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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