Greens/EFA MEP sends letter to EP President asking for funds to be used for health systems to help tackling Coronavirus outbreak

Greens/EFA MEP Diana Riba Giner, together with other MEPs, have sent a joint letter to President of the European Parliament David Sassoli proposing that the EP contributes directly with its available resources to procure life-saving medical equipment to help tackling COVID-19.

In the letter, it is proposed that, since COVID-19 has altered and stopped EP activities, part of the allowances allocated to them could be re-assigned to tackle the outbreak. This includes all MEPs to use the General Expenditure Allowance and the Political Groups 2020 Budget to obtain medical devices and equipment. President Sassoli is also strongly encouraged to commission a financial audit of the savings that the European Parliament is doing these months, so they can be used for the same purpose.

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