Esquerra Republicana calls for activation of European solidarity to tackle the coronavirus crisis

EFA Member Esquerra Republicana is calling on the European Union for solidarity and cooperation in overcoming the coronavirus crisis through a European Economic Relaunch Plan to rescue individuals, families and businesses.

The party stands up for the idea of turning this health, economic and social crisis into the starting point for a greater European integration towards a stronger, social and ecological Europe. Measures proposed include:

  1. A European Economic Relaunch Plan to Rescue Individuals, Families and Businesses:
    o A Confinement Basic Income for all citizens to be funded by the European Central Bank;
    o Issue of Eurobonds;
    o Creation of a new line of credit from the European Investment Bank;
    o Urgent mobilization of all available European budget resources;
    o An Investment plan for the relaunch.
  2. Coordinate a gradual return to normal;
  3. Create a genuine European Crisis Management Authority reporting directly to the Presidency of the European Commission;
  4. Create a strategic reserve of emergency medical and medical supplies;
  5. Ensure that emergency measures taken by Member States do not curtail fundamental rights;
  6. EU solidarity should not stop at its borders.

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