EFA’s member parties SSW and SP call on the Danish and Schleswig-Holstein Governments to discuss the reopening of the Danish-German border

EFA’s member parties Südschleswigsche Wählerverband party (SSW), representing the Danish minority in Germany, and Schleswigsche Partei (SP), representing the German minority in Denmark, have sent a joint letter to the Danish Minister of State and the Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister to foster dialogue about how to gradually start reopening the border.

The two parties point out the very low infection rate in the area and the possibility to start considering a careful opening in several stages.

SSW State Chairman Flemming Meyer has commented:

“We are aware that it is currently not yet possible to open the border completely from a health-related point of view. However, we appeal to the governments to already discuss a common strategy on how a gradual opening of the German-Danish land border can be implemented as soon as the situation allows”.

The SP chairman Carsten Leth Schmidt has commented:

“The fact that spouses and close family members can now go back to Denmark is a first positive step. But more must follow. If the border is open to residents in the Rhine / Meuse Euroregion in North Rhine-Westphalia, it must also be possible in our region.”

Read the full press release (in DE language)