EFA General Assembly will be held in Flensburg on 01st – 03rd October 2020

The Congress will take place in the historical location of Flensburg (Südschleswig, Germany), marking the centenary of the 1920 referendum on the border between Denmark and Germany. It will be hosted by EFA’s member parties Südschleswigsche Wählerverband party (SSW), representing the Danish minority in Germany, and Schleswigsche Partei (SP), representing the German minority in Denmark.

Europe is facing tough challenges and big changes ahead, including the new rise of the extreme-right, huge popular movements and mobilisations, and unexpected political developments. In this sense, Flensburg represents a symbol of inter-cultural coexistence and cooperation, and the 1920 referendum an example of lasting compromise and of a firm commitment to democracy.

Back then, 75 per cent of voters chose to become part of Denmark and 80 per cent chose to remain as part of Germany. The border decided 100 years ago remains unchanged to this day. It is only in the spirit of the Schleswig plebiscite that we will face the challenges of that determine our future, and create a real European democracy for all peoples. We can only do this by working together, and by building bridges.