‘Discrimination against Silesians must end’ claims Silesian Autonomy March and Ruch Autonomii Ślaska

On Saturday, the 14th march for Silesian Autonomy was held by EFA member party Ruch Autonomii Ślaska (RAS), celebrating 100 years since the declaration of Silesian autonomy. The demonstration came the day before the final round of the Polish presidential election.

The subject of Silesia’s autonomy was not discussed at all during the campaign, and it was for this reason that RAS did not support any candidate during the Polish presidential election.

The march was held in Katowice, and this year’s demonstration was in compliance with local rules on COVID-19, with a maximum of 150 participants, all of which registered beforehand.

The demonstration also featured speeches outside the parliament, with RAS leader Jerzy Gorzelik calling for an end to the exclusion of Silesians in Poland, and for Silesians to declare their identity in next year’s census. 

Łukasz Kohut MEP also made a speech at the event for the first time, launching a campaign for an end to discrimination of Silesians during the pandemic, as the area has seen the highest number of cases in Poland. 

Autonomy means the freedom to decide and to take responsibility for Silesia, and it is clear that no President of the Republic of Poland will ever deliver on this. EFA will continue to work with RAS for the right to self-determination, and for a Europe of all Peoples.