EFA supports UDB’s project for a Breton Assembly

Ahead of the regional campaign for 2021, EFA member UDB (Union Démocratique Bretonne) has publicly released a video to present its project for a Breton Assembly.

Under a democratic and decentralised approach, the Assembly will aim to unite the five departments of Brittany and the regional council within an unique and single structure. The representatives will be elected through two different models to ensure the representation of all territories. The first model will be proportional and based on a list of scrutiny within a unique circumscription (la Bretagne Réunifiée). The second model (by a majority) will consist of two rounds within local circumscriptions defined by their historical background and population.

The Assembly will vote on its own laws within the framework of its own returned competencies. These will include environment, agriculture, fishing, culture and languages, tourism, transport and, partially, health care and education. The sharing of competencies between the Assembly and the State will take place within a constant spirit of dialogue and collaboration.

For more information watch & share UDB’s video (in French)