Local government elections in Transylvania

On 27th September, EFA member party, the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (Erdélyi Magyar Néppárt) is running as part of an electoral alliance that is fielding approximately 2200 candidates across 160 local and county councils. The alliance will also field 94 mayoral candidates across Transylvania. 

The Hungarian community is often described as a minority community within the Romanian state, but in many parts of Transylvania, Hungarians form the majority of the population. This is a direct result of the Treaty of Trianon, signed in 1920, which displaced a huge portion of the Hungarian population, who then found themselves living in a new state without consultation. 

Given the large number of Hungarians in Transylvania and the discrimination they can face from the Romanian state, it is vital that there is a strong representation of the Hungarian community in local government. 

Hungarians must be assured of their linguistic and cultural rights, and strong representation is crucial within a state which does not represent or work for them. Autonomy for the Szekelerland and for decision-making to be decentralised to a more representative level is key if these rights are to be respected, and to bring freedom, equality and prosperity to its people. 

If democracy is to be healthy, then diversity must be respected and celebrated. Self-determination is about bringing democracy closer to the people, allowing them the right to decide their own futures.

EFA wishes good luck to our member party the HPPT in the upcoming election, and look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation into the future.