EFA Celebrates Victory for Pro-Independence Parties at the Catalan Elections

As results are finalised from Catalonia’s elections on Sunday 14th February, the voice of Catalan voters is clear: independence and self-determination is Catalonia’s desire. 

For the first time, pro-independence parties took more than half the votes, winning 51% – up from 47.5% in the last regional election in December 2017. Between them, they now hold 74 of the 135 seats in the Catalan parliament, an increase of four seats. EFA also congratulates the Catalonian parliament on their gender equality, with 48.1% of seats held by women. 

With EFA member Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) taking 33 seats, ERC may find themselves leading the Catalan parliament again, 80 years after their last victory of this kind. With 82 seats out of 135 taken by parties celebrating a democratic referendum, the highest amount in Catalan history, Europe must take notice of this clear mandate for the right to decide on a democratic referendum. 

Europe must use its influence on international disputes, especially in countries with which it maintains diplomatic ties and cooperation programmes. We call on the international community to acknowledge the clear support for self-determination in Catalonia and to use their powers to ensure progressive dialogue for Catalonia’s future.

EFA believes that the different peoples of Europe and worldwide should be able to create their own forms of governance and institutions. The rightful aspirations of those who want to restore their sovereignty, supported by international solidarity, are entirely legitimate.

The results of the election have given many Catalan politicians hope for Catalonia’s future. EFA MEP Jordi Solé stated ‘Yesterday’s elections have been, again, a failure for the unionist parties and unionist strategy in Catalonia. Pro-independence parties enlarged their majority and, for the first time, have gained more than 50% of the vote. 

Importantly, Esquerra becomes the lead party in the pro-independence camp, with a high chance of having the presidency of the Catalonian parliament. With these results, it is clear that the claim for amnesty and self-determination in Catalonia is bigger than ever. It would be wise for the international community to get involved in order to make these claims possible in the near future.’ 

EFA President Lorena Lopez de Lacalle stated: ‘EFA congratulates ERC party for their excellent electoral results and supports all their efforts to form a wide Governmental Coalition for self-determination, amnesty, and social progress, for all.’