Roel Falkena: a Profoundly European Visionary

EFA is saddened to hear of the passing of Roelof Falkena, co-founder of the European Free Alliance and member of the Frisian movement. 

Roel will be remembered in EFA for being one of the most charismatic and relevant politicians of Fryske Nasjonale Partij (FNP) and of the European Free Alliance. For more than two decades, Roel was one of the pillars of EFA: a visionary who worked tirelessly for the Frisian cause and a a Europe of the peoples based on the principle of subsidiarity and social justice. He was a true advocate of the idea of a federal Europe and the need to protect the richness of the continent’s linguistic diversity. 

He was also a profoundly pro-European politician who brought his energy, passion, and ideas into EFA. As a key figure within EFA, Roel became an Honorary Member of EFA at the 2007 General Assembly in Bilbao, Basque Country.

EFA will always be indebted to him and the other co-founders who understood the need to build the political project of the European Free Alliance.

Roel will be missed greatly by both EFA and the people of Friesland. We extend our heartfelt support to the friends and family of Roel.