EFA Concerns On Continued Oppression of HDP

EFA is concerned by the continuing oppression against the HDP (People’s Democratic Party). 

In a recent letter sent to EU representatives and high-level officials from Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar, HDP co-chairs, the HDP documents the series of measures taken against them by the government of President Erdoğan. 

The internationally binding rulings, including those of the European Court of Human Rights, have not been materialised. The release of political prisoners has not yet occurred, and Erdoğan’s government is seeking to lift parliamentary immunity and even dictate a possible closure of the HDP. We have received reports of extreme violence being used against HDP members.  

EFA stands behind the HDP and calls on the EU to ensure that the rulings of the ECHR are implemented fairly. As a long-standing member of the Council of Europe and a candidate country, Turkey must safeguard its democratic system, including respect for human rights and the rule of law and the freedom of political association.

Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar, HDP co-chairs, stated: 

‘While democratic public in Turkey and the international community are expecting the Turkish government to restore the rule of law, implement democratic reforms and improve fundamental rights and freedoms, President Erdoğan and his allies are taking steps in the exact opposite direction.

The international community should not turn a blind eye to the attempts of the government to lift parliamentary immunities, arrest HDP deputies with the help of a thoroughly politicized judiciary, and, perhaps, eventually ban the party altogether. We invite all persons and institutions embracing universal democratic values to take immediate and concrete action against the renewed attacks on the HDP and parliamentary democracy in Turkey, and stand in solidarity with the ongoing struggles for a democratic future in the country.’