EFA Condemns the Turkish Government’s Move to Ban the HDP

The Turkish government, under Erdogan, has moved to ban the Democratic People’s Party (HDP). EFA is extremely concerned with this action and firmly stands beside the HDP, offering our full support. 

After years of pressure and attempted repression of Erdogan’s opposition in Turkey, the public prosecutor’s office is attempting to ban the HDP entirely. The public prosecutor accuses the HDP of being the political front of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as their justification for this measure, yet the HDP firmly denies formal links to the militants and says the sole reason for the persecution of their party is that they oppose Erdogan’s government. 

As the third largest party in the Turkish parliament, the HDP represent a significant portion of political voices in Turkey. EFA stands against the oppression of democratic voices in Turkey. 

The party condemned the indictment as a “heavy blow to democracy” and called on its supporters to resist.

“We call on all the democratic forces, the social and political opposition, and on our people to join a common fight against this political coup,” it said in a statement.

EFA calls on the European Union to act using all of their powers as an international body to ensure that democracy prevails in Turkey. As a long-standing member of the Council of Europe and a candidate country, Turkey must safeguard its democratic system, including respect for human rights and the rule of law and the freedom of political association.

The Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament have also condemned the proceedings against the HDP parliamentary party. In a statement, they said: 

‘We, the Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament condemn the ban proceedings against the HDP parliamentary party in Turkey strongly. After the scandalous impeachment of Kurdish mayors, Erdogan now wants to ban a democratic party for which millions of people have voted. This is both unlawful, undemocratic and a violation of civil and political rights. And this would be the final step towards dictatorship and the end of Turkish democracy.

The opposition party HDP has long been a thorn in the side of the Turkish president. For four years, the former HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş has been innocently in prison, like so many opposition members, members of parliament, mayors and journalists. In the EU Parliament we are on the side of the progressive forces in Turkey, which urgently need our support in the face of this new attack. The EU must act now and oppose this dangerous arbitrariness by Erdogan, before the last spark of Turkish democracy has burned out.’ 

EFA President, Lorena Lopez de Lacalle said: 

‘The Turkish regime tramples democracy and entirely attacks the HDP’s strong, democratic and peaceful opposition. 

What are the EU institutions waiting for in order to take decisive action against Erdogan’s power? Turkey is sinking into a dictatorship. The EU must act to avoid it.’