EFA Statement on the Influx of Migrants in Spanish Enclaves

EFA is concerned at the handling of the migration influx to Spain’s semi-autonomous Ceuta and Melilla enclaves. 

It is clear that the EU’s current migration policy is not working. The events in the Ceuta and Melilla enclaves are not singular occurrences, but a culmination of failures to act by the EU. These issues must be dealt in a cohesive, forward-thinking migration policy that deals with the root of the problem, rather than simply heightening defences against irregular migration.  

EFA wants the European Union to become a real international player whose goal is to bring more peace, solidarity, prosperity, sustainability, democracy and respect for diversity, not only in Europe but around the world. 

On migration, EFA pushes for strong solidarity with countries and regions at the EU borders that are particularly affected by the arrival of people from outside the EU. Every member state must be involved in inclusive policies for migrants. 

We need to invest in communities outside the EU, and in the EU’s peripheral areas, to stop emigration and any form of brain drain. That also requires us to invest outside the EU and in our peripheral areas to encourage better inclusion of new citizens. We need to work together to empower our communities and our society.