French Regional and Departmental Results: Response from EFA’s Member Parties

Following the regional elections within the French state, our parties provide the latest updates. Check back for regular updates. 

A record low turnout of less than 35% was a severe blow for all parties, making it hard to draw clear lessons or predictions for next year’s presidential elections. 

In Brittany, the UDB had a successful night: drawing 27% of the votes. However, negotiations in the region continue as no absolute majority was found. Paul Molac, creator of the ground-breaking law protecting and promoting regional languages, was re-elected as a regional councillor. 

In Occtanie, Partit Occitan celebrated good results within the departmental elections, but raised concerns about poor results within the regional elections, with no elected officials. Provence’s election of a right-wing president for the region was met with concern by Partit Occitan. 

In Alsace, Unser Land gained 4.5% in the elections: a good result as the region is within a much larger voting area. 

In Corsica, success for regionalist parties was outstanding. 3 out of 4 parties present in the second round of voting were regionalist parties: with 70% of voters choosing them in the second round also. Voter turnout, at 65%, was significantly higher than the rest of the French state. Femu A Corsica received the majority of seats and will lead the government.