EU must stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan


The European Parliament has debated the situation in Afghanistan, discussing what the European Union’s response should be following the Taliban takeover.

MEPs discussed the EU’s humanitarian response and the need for a strong EU role in helping resettle refugees.

EFA Group President Jordi Solé spoke in the debate, calling for the EU to show solidarity with the Afghan people, providing humanitarian assistance and resettling migrants.

Jordi Solé MEP said:

“The Taliban takeover is certainly a blow for the West. But after our chaotic withdrawal, what cannot be further defeated are the values we stand for. And solidarity is one of them.

“This means providing humanitarian assistance, keeping up efforts for evacuation, using our levers and instruments to help protect human rights as much as we can.

“But also, we must not turn our back on those Afghan citizens most at risk of persecution by the new regime, especially women. 

“We need safe and legal pathways for vulnerable people to find protection in Europe. Resettlement pledges must be part of the EU’s efforts, not just shifting the responsibility for the protection of refugees to neighbour countries yet again. We must uphold our international legal obligations, including the right to seek asylum, if we want to be taken seriously as a reliable player in a rules-based international order.”