EFA Offers Congratulations to SSW for Historic Win

EFA offers our heartfelt congratulations to our member party SSW for their historical success in the German Bundestag elections. 

EFA member the Südschleswigsche Voters’ Association (SSW) gained a seat in the Bundestag for the first time in 70 years. Stefan Seidler will now represent SSW in the Bundestag. They gained 3.2% of the vote in Schleswig-Holstein, with 55,330 votes. As the SSW represent a minority community officially recognised by Germany, they did not need to meet the 5% threshold. 

Representing the Danish and Frisian minorities in Europe, the party advocates for greater autonomy for the Schleswig-Holstein region. The SSW is also committed to civil rights, environmental protection and a humane refugee policy. Their new seat in the Bundestag is in addition to 3 members in the Schleswig-Holstein parliament as well as strong representation at local level.  

Elections for the Schleswig-Holstein Lander (regional parliament) are due to be held in 2022. SSW believes that their election to the Bundestag will create the momentum for the 2022 elections. 

We offer the SSW our congratulations and best of luck for the 2022 lander elections!