Kurdistan: EFA and the Moravian Movement (MZH) support the HDP and demand the release of Kurdish political prisoners

Last week the European Court of Human Rights condemned Turkey for imprisoning journalist Deniz Yücel, and ruled that lifting the parliamentary immunity of MPs of the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) violated their right to freedom of expression. Following the ruling, Selahattin Demirtaş and the other political prisoners must be released from Turkish prisons.

The European Free Alliance (EFA) and its member party the Moravian Movement (MZH) wholeheartedly support the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and its leadership. To show our support, EFA President Lorena Lopez de Lacalle, Vice-President Fernando Fuente Cortina and François Alfonsi MEP attended several of the Demirtaş trials in Ankara. The HDP, which attended the latest EFA General Assembly, works for peace, tolerance, coexistence and autonomy in a democratic Turkey – just like EFA in Europe or MZH in the Czech Republic. Turks or Czechs, Kurds or Moravians: all must have the same universal human rights.