The Bureau suspends the Latvian Russian Union as a member party of EFA

The European Free Alliance will continue defending the rights of all peoples, including the Russian minority in Latvia

The Latvian Russian Union (LRU) has been suspended as an EFA member. Due to the exceptional circumstances of the situation, the Bureau of EFA agreed last Wednesday on this decision, following fundamental disagreements concerning Putin’s war in Ukraine, including MEP Tatjana Ždanoka’s vote against the European Parliament Resolution 2022/2564 (RSP). For the European Free Alliance, the invasion of Ukraine is a violation of the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people and their right to self-determination. For this reason, EFA has condemned the military invasion perpetrated by Russia from day one and advocated for peace and dialogue.

The European Free Alliance and the Bureau will continue to defend the right to self-determination and the rights of minorities, including those of the Russian-speaking community in Latvia. This community is being subjected to increasing Russophobia and discrimination since the outbreak of the war – a fact that EFA wishes to raise awareness about. EFA refers to this conflict as “Putin’s war” to recall that neither the citizens of the Russian Federation nor the Russian minorities in other countries are responsible or guilty for the invasion, which is the action solely of the Russian government and authorities.