EFA rejects the recognition of nuclear energy as a green and sustainable investment

The European Parliament has voted to include gas and nuclear energy in the green taxonomy of the EU, so they will be considered green investments

The European Free Alliance regrets that the European Parliament has decided to include gas and nuclear energy in the EU’s green taxonomy. This Wednesday, the European Parliament voted to recognise these energies as green and sustainable: the 278 votes to block the taxonomy were not enough to prevent it. This decision is, for EFA, contrary to what the planet needs and what young generations are requesting. “This vote is a cynical exercise, of false green transition, done by the European right and liberals. A step behind for the climate and the Green European Pact”, stated MEP and EFA Secretary-General Jordi Solé, after the vote.


This decision is opposed to EFA’s aim to fight for sustainability and a greener planet. In the last EFA General Assembly celebrated in May 2022 in Gran Canaria, a majority of EFA member parties approved a motion rejecting the recognition and promotion of nuclear energy as a sustainable form of energy. According to the motion “the use of nuclear energy continues to be associated with unforeseeable risks and very high waste disposal costs”. This is why we strive to end this form of energy production “as quickly as possible”. The decision taken today by the EP “leads to further investments and jeopardises the conversion of energy production to renewable forms of energy, which we urgently need to meet the climate challenge”.

Moreover, the development of sufficient renewable energy production would be key to getting rid of Europe’s energy dependency on Russia and other foreign actors. MEP Diana Riba, agreed with this analysis and claimed that this decision is “a disaster for the future of new generations. Only investing in renewable energies will guarantee sustainability and peace in the world”.