Event in Mallorca: Towards a European Islands Strategy

EFA Island’s Forum, together with Coppieters Foundation and Fundacions Darder-Mascaró, organizes these dialogues to explore a special status and recognition for EU Islands

Islands are an important element of Europe’s geography. Malta, Cyprus and Ireland are island states and 26 other regions of 13 states group together a total of 286 islands, where more than 20 million people live. The EU recognizes 32 special territories, and it has common policy for all European island territories. However, it lacks a framework to compensate for the permanent systematic disadvantages of insularity. Moreover, the different islands face common challenges and should look together ahead for policies and solutions.

To reflect about insularity and bring up solutions, the European Free Alliance, Coppieters Foundation, and Fundacions Darder-Mascaró have joined forces to develop the event “Towards a European islands Strategy: Bringing solutions to the forefront” which will bring together representatives from a variety of European islands, including island states and regions. Moreover, EFA Secretary General and MEP Jordi Solé, from Esquerra Republicana, will present the inaugural session: “Impact assessment of the European Policies on Mediterranean Islands”.

Towards a European islands Strategy: Bringing solutions to the forefront

  • Date: 11-12 November 2022
  • Place: Estudi General Lul·lià (Carrer de Sant Roc, 4, 07001, Palma, Illes Balears)
  • Working languages: Catalan, English, French

Public programme

Friday, 11 November

  • 18:00 Inaugural session: Impact assessment of European Policies on Mediterranean Islands.

Jordi Solé Fernando MEP and presentation of the Universitat de les Illes Balears of Palma Report.

Saturday, 12 November

  • 09:00 Registration and arrival of participants.
  • 09:20 Welcome words.
  • 09:40 Session 1 – Is a European Island status Possible? A new governance for the new challenges.
  • 11:30 Session 2 – Building resilient communities from the bottom-up: Anticipating the issues, sharing experiences, and driving change in insular territories.
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Session 3 – Looking ahead towards a better future: Social, ecological and economic solutions for EU islands.
  • 16:30 Closure – Summary of the proceedings (rapporteur style closure)