EFA MEP denied entry to Palestine by Israeli authorities

In the early hours of the 21st of February, EFA MEP Ana Miranda was denied entry to Palestine by the Israeli authorities and sent back to the Spanish state. The Galizan MEP was due to spend a few days in Palestine as a member of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Palestine (DPAL).

Other MEPs allowed to enter Israel

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, Israel denied MEP Miranda entry and therefore she could not carry out her duties as a member of DPAL. The Israeli authorities took no notice of her status as an MEP or as a member of the parliamentary delegation to Palestine. The rest of the delegation and MEPs were allowed to enter the state, while MEP Miranda was detained at the border. In a Facebook post overnight, Ms Miranda said that representatives of the Israeli border force showed a total lack of respect for her and her position as MEP.

Ana was expelled from Israel and sent back to Madrid shortly after 5 am.

Previous authorisation given

Her expulsion by the Israeli authorities happened despite receiving official authorisation to travel to Israel from the relevant Israeli consular authority in Brussels before joining the DPAL mission to Palestine.

The reason for her expulsion from Israel was due to her involvement in the Freedom Flotilla III in 2015, which attempted to break the blockade of Gaza to provide much-needed humanitarian aid to civilians. She was detained and then expelled along with other members of the flotilla.

A price to pay for standing up for human rights

Reacting to her treatment and expulsion Ms Miranda said ‘Denying me entry is the price I am paying for standing up for human rights and denouncing Israel’s occupation of Palestine’.

EFA condemns Ms Miranda’s expulsion

The European Free Alliance condemns the treatment of Ana Miranda MEP overnight and the refusal to allow her entry to Israel to travel to Palestine to carry out the important duties expected of her as MEP and member of the Delegation for Relations with Palestine. 

As a European political party, EFA also condemns the lack of respect shown to the European Parliament and its members by the Israeli authorities. Members of the European Parliament should be permitted to carry out their duties without intimidation or barriers.