Help us build a stronger & more inclusive Europe! – Why donate to the European Free Alliance?

Help us build a stronger, more inclusive, and more equal Europe by donating to EFA.

This article highlights the importance of donating to EFA and how your contributions can directly support our events and activities across Europe.

EFA, like all other European Political Parties, is mainly funded by grants from the European Parliament, but as a condition of those grants, we must raise our own income.

Some European Political Parties raise their own income through donations from large companies.

EFA is different, we raise our own income from people, meaning our political work goes into events, studies, meetings & advocacy that benefit people across Europe. We won’t be lobbied by big businesses or corporate commercial interests, we advocate and work for the people of Europe.

By relying on the generosity of individuals like you, we can continue to foster an independent and vibrant movement that truly represents the diverse voices and aspirations of EFA’s members.

You can donate to EFA through this link: DONATE

Your donation will be used to fund even more events, studies and activities to promote our core aims of self-determination, democracy, and equality. It will help EFA to organise even more events in the crucial build-up to the 2024 European Elections, it will help push EFA’s aims to the fore of European Politics.

Any contribution you can make will have a huge impact on EFA’s work to empower people & movements fighting for self-determination, minority rights, autonomy, language equality and support for island communities.

*Only citizens and residents of EU member states can donate