EFA stands with the HDP

In an international show of solidarity, the European Free Alliance has joined partners across Europe and further afield in expressing our support and solidarity with the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) who face being banned by the government of Turkey.

The HDP advocates a democratic and pluralist Turkey, in which people live in freedom and justice, for a society in which equality prevails. The emancipation of women, of different ethnic and religious groups, and ecology are important aspects of what the HDP stands for. We demand that the authorities in Turkey end the politically motivated trial against the HDP.

Condemning continued repression

We strongly renounce any attempt to ban the HDP or to restrict its activities and take this opportunity to condemn the continued repression by the President and Government of Turkey against the HDP, its leaders, elected politicians and activists including the unfair detention of several notable members of the party.

We join the HDP in calling for a democratic Turkey where political parties can operate freely without repression.

Commenting on the situation, EFA President Lorena López de Lacalle called for an end to the repression:

“The HDP strives for peaceful coexistence in a democratic and pluralist Turkey. We firmly oppose these politically motivated trials because they undermine democracy, democratic rights and freedoms. EFA will continue supporting the HDP for its committment to democratic values and the respect of human rights in Turkey.”

EFA has long stood in solidarity with the HDP, see previous actions here: